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What is a prototype?

Prototypes can come in various forms including paper, cardboard, 3D models and 3D prints. The one thing that all prototypes have in common is their intended purpose; to communicate and demonstrate the idea to stakeholders. 

Why should I make a prototype?

Making a prototype is a very cost-effective way to test your idea and draw potential investors. You can avoid the large costs, hassles and potential issues that are associated with going straight to production. Prototyping is used by almost every major product development company including GM, Toyota and Apple.

If you are thinking about patenting your idea, you may have found you can not  just patent 'an idea'. By building prototypes you can test and improve your idea and refine any details for you to ensure you have a design ready for patenting.

Once you have your prototype you can improve it, use it for advertising, promotion, crowd-funding or licencing (selling your idea for royalties).

 Best of all, it's the fastest way to prove to others that your idea works! 

I want a prototype!

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