3D Modelling

Turn your napkin drawings into a virtual model!

What is a 3D Model?

This is a 3D Model (technically it's an image of a 3D model).

We model anything from our basic friend, Tombot (above), all the way through to >100 part complex electro-mechanical assemblies. If you have an idea that can exist in 3 Dimensions, we can model it.

3D Models can be used for advertising, promotion and for 3D Printing. The most commonly requested file types for 3D Printing are STLs. If you're not sure what you need contact us, and we can help you decide. 

We can also render your models! Mouse over the image to see the difference.

How do I get a model?

You can email us your sketch directly. Let us know in advance if you need an Confidentiality Agreement.